Wednesday, September 21, 2011

UnF**king Facebook

d_silhouette_finger     You know, America spent 100,001 YEARS (true story) on Facebook last month, and they reward us by unveiling this POS update?

    Fortunately, clever facebooker, Thomas Sobiech, figured it all out! He says, "Create a custom list and name it 'Most Recent.' Add all of your friends to it. Once created, this list will look and behave exactly like your old news feed.”

    Once the customized list is created, every new friend will have to be added to it. You can manage the content displayed under “Manage Lists” and then “Choose Update Types” to hide certain types of posts, such as annoying game updates. Those of you with fewer friends will find the workaround much easier than the asses with thousands of friends. Perhaps, those DBags will think twice before “friending” everyone under the sun.
    Sadly, this does nothing to correct that weird status ticker, which we’ll have to put up with until Facebook fixes this mess, or we all leave FB like we left MySpace.  Google+ is looking really good after today.

P.S., You can try to share this link if you’d like, though I doubt the new update will allow anyone to see it. Feel free to send this via personal link with everyone. Ctrl-Z the madness!

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